Oil System Cleaner

Don’t put clean oil in a dirty engine.

If you drive your vehicle in any of the following extreme conditions, your vehicle’s working components become contaminated.

  • Short Trips Towing Trailers.
  • Stop & Go Traffic
  • Not Changing Oil
  • WhenExtended IdlingRecommended.
  • Driving on Dusty/Dirty Roads
  • Cold Weather Driving

Victory Lane Performance Products Oil System Cleaner is designed to help remove contaminates such as oil system deposits, sludge, gums, varnish, abrasive wear metal & dirt particles that can cause damage and costly repairs. Our oil system cleaner can free sticky lifters:

  • Piston rings
  • Reduce oil consumption

Extend your engine life by removing abrasive wear metal and dirt particles with a Victory Lane Performance Products Oil System Cleaning today!