Power Steering Flush Service

Neglecting Your Power Steering Can Cause: 

  • Poor Handling.
  • Sluggish Steering. ASK Us ‘ Steering Squeal. (HOW!
  • Hardened Seals & Leaks. LOSS OF STEERING!

Victory Lane Performance Products Power Steering Service provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates Power Steering noise, whine and squealing.
  • Provides easy startup in cold climates.
  • Prevents stiffness ad reduces wear in rack and pinions.
  • Reduces overall wear.
  • Protects seals and hoses from hardening and shrinking.
  • Reduces heat and foam.

Victory Lane Performance Products Power Steering Fluid is a balance of chemicals that not only protects the Power Steering System hardware from wear and rust, but also ensures adequate flow properties.

Extending Power Steering System and Fluid Life:

AMRA “Power steering fluid degrades. The UICS (Steering and Suspension) suggest a onetime exchange of power steering fluid every 50,000 miles – if a service interval is not included in the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.”

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